"A Tiffany lamp - a nostalgic detail and part of the heritage of fine art design. Defying the banality of industrial serial production a Tiffany lamp brings a touch of uniqueness and elegance into your home."


One hundred years after the house at Medulićeva Street no. 2, Zagreb had been built, we have decided to restore its old glory and artistic spirit embodied as far back as 1912 by the most famous Croatian architects Dragutin Ehrlich and Viktor Kovačić.

Building on tradition by following the original artistic foundations, and without comparison with Ehrlich and Kovačić, we wish to point out that art and a sense of beauty - which we wish to bring into your home - are not a novelty at this address and in our shops, where you are most welcome and where you will encounter a unique atmosphere of warmth and beauty filled with the light of Tiffany lamps.

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"Colour is to the eye as music is to the ear" - said L. C. Tiffany, unremittingly searching for new solutions and ideas for the whole of his life.