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Tiffany Lampa

“A Tiffany lamp - a nostalgic detail and part of the heritage of fine art design.  Defying the banality of industrial serial production a Tiffany lamp brings a touch of uniqueness and elegance into your home.”Tiffany Lampa

„Colour is to the eye as music is to the ear“ - said L. C. Tiffany, unremittingly searching for new solutions and ideas for the whole of his life.

Tiffany Studio, Medulićeva 2, ZagrebAnd just as orchestras all over the world throughout the centuries have been our mediators in transferring the ingeniousness of the old masters of music, we could easily say that the reproductions of Tiffany lamps are our entrance-ticket into that magic, unique and, after more than a century, still incredibly astonishing and innovative world of colours and shapes.

A Tiffany lamp is a synonym for luxury, exquisite elegance, it reveals a refined taste, sophistication and a sense of beauty. With its beauty and warmth it will enrich every space, in the best way connecting past and present, traditional and contemporary, the fragility of its texture and the eternity of its beauty.